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    What to do About Eczema on Penis?

    Eczema on penis, also known as penile dermatitis, is inflammation of the skin typically caused by a contact allergy or reaction to an irritating substance.  Having eczema on the penis is not unlike having eczema anywhere else on the body, and is characterized by dry flaky skin, redness, blisters, and itchiness.

    It is almost impossible to self-diagnose penile eczema since the symptoms may mirror more serious conditions such as a sexual transmitted disease. Even if it isn’t an std, neglecting to get the proper diagnosis and treatment may leave you vulnerable to venereal diseases and other infectious conditions.  Any malady to the penis may be embarrassing, but seeking immediate medical attention is best to prevent further complications in the future.  A medical professional can help treat penis eczema by determining the root cause.  Some causes may include hypersensitivity to chemicals/other irritants, bacterial infection, parasites, and immune dysfunction.

    Remedy for Eczema on the Penis

    If you suffer from eczema anywhere else on the body, developing eczema on the penis may just be an extension of skin inflammation.  However, penile skin is thinner and the environment differs from other areas of the body.  The best way to treat penis eczema is by being proactive and keeping the penis clean and free from infection.

    • Avoid sexual contact during a flare up since organisms may react to the exposed skin of the penis.
    • Keep the genitals clean, dry and covered with cotton underwear to reduce infection.
    • Avoid unconsciously touching the genitals after touching any surface.
    • Try to identify any irritants such as soaps, detergents, fabric, and even condom allergies.
    • If you have an infant with penile eczema, make sure you avoid keeping your baby in soiled or infected clothing for prolonged periods of time.

    You can soothe penile eczema by adding colloidal (powdered) oatmeal to a warm bath and soaking for 15-20 minutes.  Immediately after bathing, you can also apply a vitamin E cream, pure Aloe Vera, or petroleum jelly to lock in the skin’s moisture.  A physician may also prescribe a steroid cream to keep the infection and itching to a minimum.

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